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Olive Enviro Industries was initiated with a specific focus on the waste management system. It is the most trusted and reliable firm for its service, the durability of the products and so on. As per the Municipal Norms, Segregation of Wet waste and Dry waste is Mandatory, Our products were designed to facilitate the segregation in an efficient way.We aim for a Healthy and Eco-Friendly Environment.

Having the Swachh Bharat Mission ( i.e. Neat and Tidy India Mission) in mind, We at "Olive Enviro Industries" took initiative to contribute towards the Mission by manufacturing chutes for the Waste management system. Olive Enviro Industries is one of the remarkable manufacturer and supplier of ecoMaster Garbage Chute, Linen Chute, Debris Chute, Fire Doors, Intake Doors, Garbage Trolley and Sanitation Unit.we ready to do the material and design are customized for your ideas.We Olive Enviro Industries, are manufacturer and supplier of Garbage Chute ( both Manual Chute & Automatic Chute ) across the nation.

Our Products

Garbage Chute

Our garbage chutes are manufactured with international standards by our experienced professional engineers. As per the Municipal Norms, Segregation of Wet waste and Dry waste is Mandatory, Garbage chute system was designed to facilitate the segregation just with a single chute.

Linen Chute

Linen chute can be installed and accessible on every floor of any commercial or residential buildings. It is also designed based on the client's requirements, using high-quality materials at reasonable prices. Linen Chute is a convenient method of disposing off the solid linen into the laundry.

Debris Chute

Debris Chute based on the client's requirement. Debris Chute also helps in removing a large quantity of debris at construction sites. Debris Chute provides safety for the workers at the construction sites.

Intake Doors

The 202/304 Stainless Steel Interlocking Intake door frame is welded with a pivot-type hinge and equipped with chrome-plated key locking "C" handle latching assembly. Steel angle frame with 3-1/2” steel extensions.

Fire Exit Doors

Garbage Chute is provided with a fire door in the discharge unit.Two kinds of discharge doors 'C' Type Door(Fire door Sliding-type) and 'D' Type Door(Top hinge type).

Chute Control Panel

Garbage Chute is essential for any high-rise building or apartments, as it helps in discarding the trash from every floor to the single point at the bottom. Garbage Chute reduces manpower, as it does not need .

Chute Ventilation

Olive is provided on the roof top inside the top most section of chute for flushing out the foul smell whatever generated inside the garbage chute.These chutes also play a big part in the ability to install any blown in insulation, as they will keep the soffits clean and unclogged.

Cleaning Unit

Cleaning of your chute is not only proving your commitment to providing a clean and safe building in terms of germs but also greatly stops the risk of a fire generating from the garbage chute room and traveling up the chute to each floor.

Garbage Trolley

supply even Garbage Trolley based on the client's requirement. We are leading suppliers, dealers, wholesalers of Garbage Trolley. We provide high-quality Trolleys that are widely used. Our products are purely eco-friendly.

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